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Laurence's Etched Altoids Tins

 altoid etched rhino

Laurence writes:

Dear Sir:

I have added some pictures to my flickr photoset of my new etching designs.

Your site was the inspiration for this madness. Each design has to be hunted for, modified, printed, modified again, etched, modified again, and then a batch of 'production quality' are all etched. And then off to the next design.

Thanks again for the inspiration.

I think these are just fabulous! There are a couple more after the cut but be sure to click through to Laurence's Flicker and check out the copper plated Fulton's Nautilus tin!

Modern Alchemy - The building of Ignatius The Firepig.

You may recall Patrick Johnson's marvelous short film Granite Copper Motor from earlier this year. Recently Patrick spent some time with my friends David, Dennis, and Brady, while they designed and constructed a steam boiler dubbed 'Ignatius the Firepig.'  I do so love Patrick's calm and peaceful treatment which is the antithesis of todays frenetic, falsely dramatic, cable television style.


Modern Alchemy from Patrick Johnson on Vimeo.

A short documentary featuring artists David Dowling, Dennis Svoronos and Brady Scott as they design and construct their steam boiler, Ignatius.

Directed by:
Patrick Johnson - www.journeymanstudios.com

David Dowling 
Dennis Svoronos
Brady Scott

Music by:
John Murphree - www.johnmurphree.com

Camera by:
Patrick Johnson
Ben Hartman - www.who-is-sure.com

Damnation Hildebrandt!

Things have been far too quiet, I have heard nothing from the labs of my arch nemesis Jake-of-all-Trades Hildebrandt - and now I know why.  Not since Kirk bellowed "KHAAA....AAN!!" has the interwebs heard such exasperation!  So THIS is what you've been up to?  My god man, what have you wrought?

More here and two more shots after the cut - the rest at Jake-of-all-Trades Flickr.

The Art of Thomas Kuntz


From the artist's site:

Thomas Kuntz is a contemporary artist fighting to bring ancient arcana and modern technologies together as weapons for aesthetic enlightenment. He was born in Phoenix Arizona as the youngest of four siblings.

His father, a surgeon, and his mother, a folk artist and doll maker, both provided the necessary genepool and a stimulating environment for him to grow into early on.

Thomas has been working constantly as a professional artist since 1986, but his private projects tend to feature the mysterious,uncanny,sometimes darkly horrific and bittersweet sad aspects of human nature.He has devoted a lifetime to aquire the skills of designer, sculptor, mechanician, automatist, animator, modelmaker, painter and conceptualist.

Thomas' work is pretty amazing! Be sure to watch through the demonstration of the automaton above, the second half of the video details some of it's construction. There are more movies of Thomas' creations here, and you can visit his website here.

The Photography of Libby Bulloff - in Seattle Today !

Libby Bulloff

March 1-29, 2009
Today! Thursday, March 5, 6-11 pm
Pioneer Square Art Walk
Utilikilts Flagship Store
620 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98104

Libby Bulloff is the Annie Leibowitz of Steampunk! I've followed her work for some time now and I really love her composition and use of color - there is a calm joyfulness in her images that makes me happy.

Libby writes:

I have a solo art show coming up at the Utilikilts flagship store in Seattle! I will present work from 2007-2009, including new portraits from three studio shoots at Starfish. Prints will be available, as will complimentary snacks (read: custom Naftali chocolates) and dance beats. Please come on out and say hello (and feel free to grope the manskirts whilst you’re at it)!

I’ve also recently booked a small group photography show at Zero Zero (also in Seattle), but this won’t occur until August, which gives me plenty of time to shoot new, brightly-colored work. :)

The Art of Suzanne Forbes

Last year at Maker Faire I met so many amazing people! The experience was overwhelming. In fact, on the plane ride back from San Francisco I told the big Aussie sitting next to me that my sniffling was all just due to allergies and not the fact that I was flying at 500 miles per hour away from my new friends!

One of the people I met was an artist named Suzanne Forbes. Suzanne had created a work to be auctioned to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation called Defending the Electronic Frontier it was a painting that included representations of some of my work as well as that of Datamancer and others. She and her wonderful painting joined us in the Contraptor's Lounge.

Suzanne is a portrait artist and illustrator living and working in the Bay area.  She will come to your home and paint you and make you look fabulous! She also has a selection of drawings and prints of her work available in her Etsy store.

For more information about her portraiture, click through to her website here.

New art by Aaron Ristau

Back in October Meredith visited briefly with Aaron Ristau at Maker Faire Austin. Aaron is a sculptor who works primarily with found bits of technological detritus, from his website:

Technology surrounds us. Products are obsolete within an ever decreasing amount of time, putting an increasing strain on our ability to deal with man made waste. Man's recyclable and manufactured surplus as a sculptors medium lends itself to an infinite variety of possibilities, which creates a whole new genre for sculptors'. By intricately integrating and redefining the purpose of reclaimed components, the completion of a sculpture is a triumph over obsolescence and the reward of creative vision.

Aaron has recently finished a series of pieces that are very much in the Steampunk style and to our great delight has sent them to us for their unveiling!  There are a several more pics after the cut and an amazing amount of beautiful work at Aaron's website, my particular favourite are the series of lamps and lit sculptures!

. . .

Steampunk Cake!

Babycakes Steampunk Cake

A friend overheard a karate classmate, a professional baker, mention that she had just created a cake for a client in a "Steam Punk" style and that prior to this order she had not heard of Steampunk.  Well, my spy collected this intelligence and forwarded it to The Lady von Slatt who brought it to my attention this morning.

I contacted Karen Collins of Babycakes in Boxborough, Massachusetts (just a stone's throw from the Steampunk Workshop) and she kindly forwarded pictures!  I think she did an absolutely terrific job of living up to Babycake's mission statement with this, her first foray in the world of Steampunk:

Be it the humble chocolate chunk cookie or a wedding cake for four hundred, I give my complete attention to every confection I make, from my choice of the highest quality ingredients to the time I spend making every item uniquely stunning. My goal is to thrill the senses and to treat each of my customers to a moment of sweet perfection.

Four more pics after the cut!

Art Donovan's Stunning Shiva Mandala

I had the honor of sharing space in a gallery show with Art last year in the Hamptons.  I've long admired his Steampunk lamps and I particularly like that his work often incorporates elements that are reminiscent of pulp science fiction cover art - there's always a touch of Forbidden Planet along with the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!

Well, Art's latest working is simply stunning, Art writes:

My most most complex Steampunk work to date with influences of Hinduism, Freemasonry and ancient astronomy. 72" tall x 72" wide. Solid Mahogany, Solid Brass, Glass, Spun-Filament Fiberglass, Plaster, LED + Incandescent Bulbs, Acrylic Resin, Ultra Violet Tubes + Electric Motors.

The central part of the mandala is a precise, hand made reproduction of an ancient Persian astrolabe as seen in the Museum of the History of Science at the University of Oxford.

There's much more on Art's Blog here.

Gianni Fanelli: Dream of iron

steampunk pinballFrom Social Design Zine in Italy comes this article about sculptor and metalworker Gianni Fanelli.  It appears to be a review of the artist's recent show and the reviewer clearly liked what they saw - at least that's sure what it looks like to me viewing the Google translated version:

The work of Gianni Fanelli has the substance of dreams (I already said the title of the exhibition) is air and light, elusive, but also the strength and concrete ferramenteria, with its brave solders, the riveting, the bolts, rivets and zippers. The Demiurge is moving with ease in her world of oxymoron, among creatures' hydraulic 'light and heavy, with the myths of' transformation 'that leave slip meanings suspended between' field 'and' spirit '.

Regardless, the work is beautiful and I particularly like this Steampunk pinball machine with it's anthropomorphic wooden legs!

(Thanks Dario!)


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