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Gianni Fanelli: Dream of iron

steampunk pinballFrom Social Design Zine in Italy comes this article about sculptor and metalworker Gianni Fanelli.  It appears to be a review of the artist's recent show and the reviewer clearly liked what they saw - at least that's sure what it looks like to me viewing the Google translated version:

The work of Gianni Fanelli has the substance of dreams (I already said the title of the exhibition) is air and light, elusive, but also the strength and concrete ferramenteria, with its brave solders, the riveting, the bolts, rivets and zippers. The Demiurge is moving with ease in her world of oxymoron, among creatures' hydraulic 'light and heavy, with the myths of' transformation 'that leave slip meanings suspended between' field 'and' spirit '.

Regardless, the work is beautiful and I particularly like this Steampunk pinball machine with it's anthropomorphic wooden legs!

(Thanks Dario!)

Steampunk Monitor Stand

steampunk monitor stand

Some of the very best letters I get come from people who have built things to give as gifts, a case in point:

Dear jake,

I really have enjoyed your site, especially the bus conversion.  I really like how you talk about using found objects and have so many pictures showing your process as you work on your projects.  My husband showed me your site last year and proceeded to drool, so when he got dual monitors for his edit system and needed a monitor stand, I knew just what to do.

. . .

Yours in Mad Science!

You sure did Amy - Awesome work! Thanks!

Much more after the cut.

Alternative to Typewriter Keys

Marcus writes:

There are only so many broken typewriters in the world – so it’s going to be difficult to get my hands on a decent set of keys.  You can’t get them on ebay here in Europe, importing them from the US would’ve been hilariously expensive – so I had to think of something else.

What I’ve found is a certain kind of fastener (like brass fasteners for envelopes, only with a fancy little gemstone instead of the brass knob). You open it, discard the stone and what you get is a perfect ‘key frame’. Just print your labels, cut glasses out of polycarbonate sheet, cardboard backplates and you’re done.

 He's put together a nice write up that you can find here.  Great work Marcus!


Update: Jacqui dropped me a link to some interesting looking typewriter key tokens at Oriental Trading. - Thanks Jacqui!

Mad Uncle's Webcam - For Sale

Mad Uncle Cliff blogs:

My first steampunked webcam - tested and fully functional. I call it finished but I will probably cloth bind the cable.

Now this one is for sale. I have decided to fund my Dremel set with the sale of this 'one off' design steampunk webcam.

He's getting ready to eBay the camera but will entertain offers prior to listing it.

Details are here.

Tim See's Steampunk Ceramics

Tim See is an exhibitor in this year's Smithsonia Crafts Show and he has chosen to produce a series of works in the Steampunk style. Pictured is the Teacup Presevation System and an as yet un-named Steampunk air conditioner is in the works.

You can see more on Tim's blog  and I in particular am excited to see what other wonders he comes up with!

Epic Storefront


I spotted- not that you could possibly miss it- this storefront in Tokyo. It's a comic book store called Mandarake, which is supposedly the biggest comic book store in tokyo. The actual store was about 4 flights downstairs, and also had an amazing selection of vintage toys. They got a little chuffed when I tried to take pictures inside, though.

Spanish Steampunk!

From the workshop of Gonzalo Álvarez comes these wonderful clocks and furniture! Gonzalo lives and works on the island of Tenerife.  He is a maker of fanciful clocks and furniture as well as, it seems, special effects - but my Spanish is non-existent so I cannot be sure.

I particularly love the fact that his work is definitely Steampunk and also clearly Spanish! Much of current Steampunk is centered around the Victorian and American West experience and it is great to see that the aesthetic translates so well to other lands!

Fairy Magic Lantern

I have been terribly remiss in not publishing this earlier! It came to me when I was very busy and I lost the original message somewhere in the bowels of gmail.  Fortunately, I came across it today and vowed to post immediately! My apologies to the artist for this delay!

These pictures came to me from the artist who signed their name simply "Jellyfish"

Jellyfish writes:

This photo is my work.
The work that I have named "Fairy Magic Lantern".
In a glass dome has a paper cutting work.
The paper cutting work was created by an artist
Romance Yokoyama.
Glass dome is covered with bead work.
Bead work was created by an artist
Two of the works look fantastic.

Indeed they do! I love the ethereal quality of the shadows and the pale light.  Fairy Magic Lantern went on display at the Ayumi gallery back towards the end of November.

There are two more photos after the cut.

Sims Steampunk!

Wow! somebody Simmified my Steampunk, monitor, keyboard and the Mae West lamp!

Have a look!

The Gatehouse Gazette

Somehow I have managed to be so busy that I have completely missed the first 3 issues of the Gatehouse Gazette! Well no more!

Let “The Romance of Science” enchant you with the fourth and winter issue of the Gatehouse Gazette.

Discover that winter is the perfect season for steampunk fashion in the columns of Miss Hilde Heyvaert and learn that it is the perfect time for gin again from Mr Craig B. Daniel. Read an interview with steampunk artist Miss Molly “Porkshanks” Friedrich and enjoy an exclusive preview of the upcoming steampunk MMORPG Remnants of Skystone by Col. Adrianna Hazard!

And from the Masthead:

The Gatehouse Gazette is a magazine published online, aimed at steampunk and dieselpunk enthusiasts and dedicated to collect reviews and interviews and essays and articles within the scope of these both genres and, in case of the former, movement, to which we, at The Gatehouse, gladly adhere.


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